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Smog Tasting: Distant Environments, Science Communication, Metaphors, and Moral Disgust

This tweet popped up during a symposium of the International Environmental Communication Association taking place this week in Boulder, Colorado. […]

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Art, Inspiration, Risk

On May 19th, 2015, CoClimate organized an exhibition, entitled BREATHE, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, the Clean Air […]

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Media Advisory: Air Pollution, Climate and Health in the Minds of Artists

Air Pollution, Climate and Health in the Minds of Artists  Geneva, May 18, 2015: Air pollution and climate change are having […]

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9 Way to Disentangle Worldviews for Design

Worldview Cards are great for exploring different perspectives. They work well for individual learning, small groups, and large group settings. […]

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On March 15th the founders & curators of the Museum @OfCapitalism will be speaking in Dublin @TLRHub #CollapseLab
- Thursday Feb 23 - 11:35am

"By helping to replace cloud seeds from air pollution, trees may be able to help us limit global temperature rises."
- Thursday Oct 13 - 7:35am

The art of stabilizing the climate
- Wednesday Jul 27 - 2:03am

Can a stretch of land be a person in the eyes of the law? Can a body of water? In New Zealand, they can.
- Thursday Jul 14 - 7:37am

RT @tveitdal: Carbon sequestration that works
- Friday Jun 10 - 2:02pm